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About the performers
-9 Kings
Opening weekend only! JD Platt’s K-9 kings are true athletes of the dog world.  A wide variety of rescue breeds will perform amazing acrobatic feats.  You can meet and pet them after the show.

Circus Luminescence

Enter a vaudeville vision quest through a high tech universe of unbounded imagination. Featuring a nouveau fusion of LED juggling, hooping, poetry, acrobatics, theatre and audience participation, the psychedelic stylings of Circus Luminescence is a treat for the eyes, ears, and soul.

Winner of the Gold Medal for teams at the 2018 International Juggler’s Festival

IZOHNNY is the dynamic performance duo of Isaiah Esquire & Johnny Nuriel ---The Goliaths of Glam. This statuesque pair of 6’6’’ ebony & ivory specimens deliver a jaw-dropping performance experience with an androgynous and gender fluid style that audiences swoon over.  Incredible costumes, circus arts, dance, powerful vocals and sheer stage magnetism.  See what the legends are about.

Supernova Strongwoman

Daredevil acrobatics, superhuman strength, and family-friendly comedy!  Supernova, aka Tera Zarra, is a crazy character and the strongest woman you will probably ever see.  She will bend frying pans, tear phone books in half, and do a handstand routine on a hoverboard!

The Unicycling Unicorn creates an atmosphere of fun around the world! Don't miss the grand finale; juggling on top of one of the highest unicycles in the world at 12 feet tall whilst juggling a sword, torch and the most dangerous object of them all...a selfie stick with an $800 iPhone attached!!!

Leapin’ Louie

The 75 foot big loop lasso, crazy rhythm whip cracking, hilarious audience participation, that's the Leapin' Louie show, an original cowboy cowboy show like no other.  Leapin’ Louie has performed his cowboy comedy in 34 nations around the world.

 "It's the Wild West lasso-wielding clow Leapin' Louie Lichtenstein who is freaking amazing. The crowd lost it after every one of his acts—from the 20-foot diameter lasso he swung overhead while riding a super-tall unicycle, to the bullwhip he cracked at the front row’s faces. — I'd see this guy perform again in a heartbeat.”  —Portland Mercury 

A Little Bit Off  is an internationally award winning physical comedy duo out of Portland. They are known for their impressive acrobatics, hilarious slapstick stylings, and their universal appeal with audiences across all ages and languages.  Winners of many theatrical awards for their previous shows, see the premiere of their new show:  The Grave Diggers.                                                               

Rhys Thomas’s Jugglemania has appeared to laughter and applause on cruise ships in the Mediterranean, festivals in Asia and on theater stages from Trinidad to Egypt. Raised in rural Oregon, Rhys never guessed his backyard circus hobby would allow him to visit over 30 countries and raise a family on the strength of his shenanigans.

“Best of Portland” –PDX Magazine

“A good laugh” –Los Angeles Times

“Graceful --- complex”  New York Times                                                 

Coup de Foudre      Uncooperative objects have a life of their own, hats hover in mid air, a small child is magically disappeared inside a wooden suitcase and turned into a rubber chicken.  Italian choreographer Lisa Da Boit and Mexican-American physical comedian Rudi Galindo make theater in Belgium and come to the West Coast of the USA once every year or two; don’t miss it.