Come and Join Us! September 17 - October 31, 2022

Special Attractions and Features

Halloween Day you can come and pay onsite for the Haunted House at 231 S First Street. Parking is free in town. We stay open until 11pm. Happy Halloween. Also lots of photo ops too! See you soon. Happy Trick or Treating.

Every weekend there are special attractions going on. Please note the closing times so you do not miss out. Main attractions are generally not open after dark although some are. Read on for details.
Special attractions are listed on the schedule page for each weekend. Some combination tickets include multiple attractions. There are also tickets sold individually that have limited capacity. These limited capacity tickets will likely be sold out in advance. Click the ticket tab to find out more about the activities and times availabtle.
Haunted House You'll love our Haunted House. Newly renovated and cool additions make this one of the very best. Check out our schedule and times weekdays and weekends.

One Big Ticket Spirit of Halloweentown 2022 includes Sand Island Adventure, with our new water taxi trip - not sold separately. Very Limited. Attractions Open 10 - 5pm. Last Boat leaves at 4pm. Last train leaves at 4:30pm. These Big Tickets are for all ages, including infants, as each person will be required to be listed on the boat manifest. Pets are allowed under control of owner. Disruptive animals will be politely asked to leave. These activities are not ADA accessible for all due to ground conditions, steps to location and boat stairs.
Check in is on S 1st Street for your tickets and Includes the following:
1) Sand Island Adventure Water Taxi and Hunt - Pay attention to your ride time please. Ride across the river on our cool new water shuttle to Sand Island. After disembarking walk the nature path and see the incredible pumpkin carvings by Carving Artist Extraordinary Wade Lapp. Follow the trail and find our resident Big Foot and grab a selfie. Participate in our all ages scavenger hunt along the way. Try your hand at our Disc Golf Challenge or Ladder Challenge and win big prizes. Challenge others to our Can Jam game. Sit around a fire and answer "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" questions while you toast a marshmallow and enjoy some other tasty treats included in your adventure.
2) The new Spirit of Halloweentown Train - Last train 4:30pm from S First Street- Whispers in the Woods. Meet our live characters along the trail and score a treat. Find our hidden forest characters hidden in the trees.
3) Haunted House - Open to 7pm. (If the check in tent is closed you may still go to the Haunted House directly and check in there.) Come and check out our new additions that are sure to have you screaming for more!
4) The Pumpkin Puzzle Plaza - closes at 5pm is host to many games and photo ops. It is also home to our resident Mermaid Una at select times in October. Solve a puzzle and grab a selfie with the oh so cool props. Be a human slingshot. It's a great place to ponder the Power of the Pumpkin!

General Admission Ticket 2022 Includes everything in the One Big Ticket except Sand Island Adventure Water Taxi Adventure. These tickets may become limited. Tickets are for all ages over 2 years old. Pets are allowed under control of owner. Disruptive animals will be politely asked to leave. These activities are not ADA accessible for all due to ground conditions and steps to location.

Separate Ticket
The Alien Interview and Museum of Peculiarities & Oddities, (Haunted House Evening Hours) Plus Blue Story Card - Limited Tickets Available
Doors to the experience close exactly 20 minutes after this activity hour occurs and you will not be able to attend if you are late, so plan on being on time to check in.
This new feature will be a "must see" for anyone who has questions for our resident alien. We've been able to connect with an alien who has agreed to answer questions in this audience-based attraction. The alien comes to us from a distant galaxy and will appear to us in a mind-blowing holodeck. Lucky audience members will be able to ask our alien direct questions and get the answers that they've been looking for. The alien experience begins with a chance to visit our tongue in cheek alien displays and listen to the various stories with your headsets after downloading our blue card app. This exclusive app is yours to keep. It also includes the stories from our exhibits in the Museum of Peculiarities and Oddities. This is a very limited attraction so get your tickets early. ADA Access is limited to those who can ride our chair lift. Pets are allowed if carried. Any children who create unnecessary disruptive noise will be asked to step outside during the Alien Interview. You may be able to attend at a later time during the same day should this occur. This also includes the Haunted House in the evening. This is a great deal!

Separate Ticket
Take the Spooky Shuttle Ride to Pizza, Ghost Stories, Scavenger Hunt Plus Tasty Candy. A Mini Excursion. 

Limited seats and times - get your tickets now! Get your boarding pass at the ticket location by Pumpkin Plaza on S First Street. Ride uptown on the spooky shuttle and find the hidden Spirit of Halloweentown Squares while you also receive some special candy and commemorative stickers. You'll see some cool decorated store windows and some scarecrows up close. Then enjoy some excellent pizza while listening to some ghost stories at Sunshine Pizza. Bring your completed scavenger card to Molly's Market to receive a prize upon returning to Halloween Plaza via shuttle. Walking the Scarecrow Trail is 1.2 miles if you opt to get steps in rather than riding the shuttle back.

Separate Ticket After Dark Activities
Decorated House Train Tour with Haunted House Ticket or Haunted House Only - evenings - Limited. Boards at 251 St. Helens Street. St.Helens, OR 97051 1 Block North and West of the Plaza.
Hop aboard and enjoy a fantastic ride on our new Spirit of Halloweentown Train. Enjoy some candy we include or grab a hot cocoa from Molly's Market (not included) and take a little trip to some homes that are decorated in our city. After exiting the train tour experience our Haunted House. It will have you screaming for more! This is a new item with very limited availability so get your tickets now! Check the ticket page for daily and weekend times.